About us

Trillium is a 100% Canadian company founded in 1999 with more than 60 self serve pure water fill stations locationed throughout Ontario. We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality product at a very reasonable price.

Trillium offers service second to none in the industry, including regular maintenance and water testing. A safe and high quality drinking water will always remain our top priority!

New caps are also provided free of cost for our 18.9 and 11.5 litre containers. Our concept allows our customers to sterilize their water container with ozone before every fill. Our water is filtered by reverse osmosis and guarantees a high quality product at less that 16 cents per litre based on the 18.9 litre refill. Our customers can sterilize and refill an 18.9 litre container including a new cap for only $2.99.

more than 60 locations in Ontario!

Environmentally Friendly

Our total water filtration system is a chemical free process. We filter municipally treated water therefore not affecting local wells and ground water.

Our customers re-use existing sturdy plastic containers during each visit, thus drasticaly reducing one time use water bottles that often end up in land fills.

Our entire concept from start to finish is green in theme and environmentally friendly.

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