Why Choose Trillium Pure Water?

Trillium Pure Water Co

  • High Quality Equipment - CSA approved (Canadian built and very reliable)
  • Unique Equipment Features (ozone bottle rinse, internal new cap dispenser, high speed fill up)
  • High Output Equipment (new installations produce in excess of 2 gallons/minute or 3000 gallons per day (2x the competition) - tops in the self serve industry).
  • No Capital Outlay. (Trillium owns all equipment and is responsible for the cost of maintenance and repairs)
  • Extensive Maintenance Program (monthly maintenance visits and regular water testing)
  • Self Contained Unit - No "Back Room" equipment installation. "Space Saving".
  • Proven Formula For Success (very high sales and traffic volume, we know where to locate and how to set up)
  • Effective "Launch Program" (hostess, flyers, Loonie Special, advertising, road signage and close alliance with dealer)
  • Added Value Products (porcelain crocks, pet dishes, water pumps, coolers ... as little or as much as display area will allow)
  • Bottle rinse system bypasses check meter. Dealer is not charged for bottle rinsing.
  • Our main focus/strength is on the retail sale of self-serve pure water and costumer service.
  • Excellent profit sharing program. Many dealers realizing profit/share in excess of 40% of total revenue.
  • Trillium works very closely with each individual dealer to create and maintain a partnership for continued success.
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