How To Use Our Dispenser

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Step 1: Remove old cap and place your empty container into the dispenser. Adjust height of spout if required. Step 2: Press "Clean" button for a few seconds. This step will sanitize your container and keep it free of bacteria. Step 3: Take a new cap out of the left side of the dispenser, place partially onto the bottle and shake vigorously.
step 4 step 5 step 6
Step 4: Empty ozone rinse water into the dispenser drain. Step 5: Place your sanitized container back into the dispenser. Step 6: Press "Fill" button and hold until container is full.
step 7 step 8 step 9
Step 7: Remove filled container and gently place on the floor. Snap on your new spill proof cap. Step 8: Remove your safety tab from the cap and turn container up side down into your water cooler. Step 9: You're now ready to enjoy the great taste of Trillium Pure Water.
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