Our Offer To The Retailer

We offer......... Opportunity

Opportunity for profit without risk
Our self serve dispenser is installed on a consignment and revenue sharing basis; no capital outlay is required.

Opportunity to generate additional profit
Previous experience proves that the installation of our self-serve dispenser is a good complement to commercially bottled water, by increasing water sales revenue up to 40%. Our hostess service contributes greatly to this success.

Opportunity to provide quick and continuous service
The capacity of the dispenser at 1600 gallons/day is an assurance of quick and continuous service to your customers. You will never again experience a shortage of purified water.

Opportunity to get better productivity from your personnel
Self-serve dispenser eliminates the handling of deposit, return and storage of bottles.

Opportunity to provide SATISFACTION to your customer
By providing your customer the best price/quality fresh tasting water in a healthy container sterilized with ozone.

We offer a Unique 0pportunity

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